Babolat Pure Drive Tour Review

Several tennis rackets don’t have any demand to preamble as their fame leads them and it’s lucid to raise that the Babolat Pure Drive is one of those and we will learn about Babolat pure drive tour 2021 review.

Hereafter, we were dignified to be the primary to urge our hands on this 2021 edition for an entire tennis head play trial and review. For the past 20 years it is one of the best tennis rackets in the world. Maximum people want to expend their cash to buy this racket rather than other rackets. They prefer it because of stormy power.

The latest Pure Drive preserves all of what peer groups of players love about the notorious racket with Babolat manufacturing precise changes that carry it a step closer to excellence. 

The racket is one among the simplest tennis rackets. This racket is one among the foremost demandable rackets among the foremost athletes . You guys should be astonished to realize the recognition of this racket. we’ll discuss all the facts, that are associated with this racket. To supply you guys with proper information. You will get this racket at reasonable prices.

Babolat pure drive tour 2021 review

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The Background

Babolat aren’t the first significant racket brand in the world but they have got various greater portions of trustworthy supporters and their extent of rackets, strings and massive name players establish them in the best league of brands. 

The pure drive isn’t as remarkable as the pure Aero. Of their diversity, it’s their greatest seller. Nevertheless, the Pure Drive have an unexceptionally devoted patronage of styling, potential famished players.  

The Technology

Woefully maximum tennis brands do have a bent to make things more difficult with their interpretations of latest high-tech that they’ve distinctly originate only for their rackets, but that’s Tennishead’s job to chop through the dialect and describe precisely what they’ve finished.

A right illustration is what Babolat assumes regarding up to the minute HTR System in the Pure Drive, which clearly has “a fresh lay-up structure for an upgraded high revolution obduracy to capitulate unrevealed eruptive, exceptionally on strong shots played at high acuity.” It has an extraordinary system. It aids with decreasing trembling and brings about a better feel. That’s all well and good  but would these technological developments really convey a far better playing experience?

The play test

The trial session conformed with the beginning of Roland Garros 2020 where extensive names like Garbine Muguruza and Fabio Fognini would be conducting their Pure Drive. Because of the ever faithless British weather, we headed to our topical indoor solid courts to place this breathtaking racket through its momentum. 

The pure drive gives an outstanding function and also gives an equal opportunity to force and feel. As a consequence of it’s eminent adaptability, it is often approved to enhance players for its convenience, additionally foremost players seeking to release their power from the baseline with a steady form.

Babolat pure drive tour for intermediate

Players know much about the babolat pure drive. Babolat has given an effort to present something new and an eminent tool for the athletes. Babolat pure drive assessments also will give you a parallel addition of Babolat.

Similar to the 2015 repetition of this Babolat racket, this attributes Woofer Technology which means to conduct outrage with every strike of the ball and therefore the user excellent control. The Cortex Pure Feel, this technology will permit the player to urge better control by way of a certain intensified feel on every strike. An athlete won’t have to worry about hitting the ball with pace because the anti-twisting concise frame of the tennis artillery improves the facility of the racket itself. Following its assessment, this racket line is famous and has amazed every athlete. This latest model of Babolat drive is certain to carry on the trend of fantastic facilities that Babolat is famous for.

Features of Babolat pure drive

Let’s know the features of this fantastic racket which you will get. Here they are-

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Cortex smooth feel
  • FSI: FSI string spacing is applied in the racket.
  • Weight of the racket: For strung racket its weight is 9.6 ounces and unstrung racket is 9.1 ounces.

Babolat pure drive head sizes

Head size ranges have given below:

  • 80-94sq. in: This size for smaller racket heads come with a small sweet spot and they are manufactured for the tennis players of advanced level. These are also known as the mid-size head.
  • 95-105sq. in: It is perfect for all stages of tennis athletes like- beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes. It is a mid-plus sized racket.
  • 110-115sq. in: It is over-sized especially made for the beginner players who have just started playing tennis. These rackets have with more exactness a large sweet spot.
  • 116-135sq. in: It is super oversized head tennis rackets with an excessive-large sweet spot. Players overlook these rackets due to their oversize.

Grip sizes

Maximum tennis rackets have a standard grip size. But you should know about grip sizes before buying a racket which we will provide you. 

Different Grip Sizes

These 5 sizes are the accessible grip size for tennis rackets. Grip sizes one, two, and three numbers are generally best for juniors and ladies . The finest choices for men are four and five numbers. 

Head light (control) & head heavy (power)

For an amateur athlete, we might suggest picking a head heavy racket for more power. Because one is not going to be ready to develop an excessive amount of power from one’s swings only. Tennis players who are expert, should choose the racket which has an evenly distributed ratio or head light. These tennis rackets are ready to absorb shocks promptly and easier to handle. Head light rackets also help an athlete to get extra spin. These rackets are pretty easy to move on the net.


On the whole, this renovation to the Pure Drive Tour demonstrated to be an useful adaptation of the racquet.

It demoted a couple of the boundaries to increase feel and control without leaving its basic formula. In danger of hitting the driving allegories it is in its name after all the handling has enhanced, but it’s more in its component at excessive speeds instead of cornering around hard spins. Even so, for improved hostile baseliners who need a solid, well built frame to supply assistance in grasping instant control of points the force is robust with this one. You can find some more suggestion from Tennis WareHouse.

Hopefully you will get some information from this article. If you need any further information please drop a comment. We will help you out.