Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball Review

Hey there folks, are you looking for a football or a soccer ball? This article is for you. You would love the Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball Review for various reasons. Here we are to discuss this amazing ball. You can also learn about “Soccer Cleats purchase Guide : Is it worth buying the branded boots for playing Football?” and “Adidas Copa Mundial Cleats Review – Soccer Cleats“.

Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball on Amazon

The Design

First of all, the design of the ball looks super awesome that anyone would love it. It has some pentagon notched shapes with a deep or vibrant color. inside the pentagon shape, there is a triangular Tron Legacy type design that looks so cool. Inside the triangle, there is a triangular star shape which actually looks cool. Besides, there is of course Wilson Copia II logo with a U-type symbol. Secondly, there is NCAA logo on the front side of the ball.

Having said of the colors, you can have 3 colored balls. Optic Yellow, Orange, and White color. All balls have the same materials in every color. (They have 3 sizes, the sizes are: 3, 4 and 5). There is 2 style of the ball, one is Copia II and another one is Pack Copia II. Lastly, the ball is obviously round shaped 😁

Who can play with this?

Ages 8 or under 8 can easily play with this kids soccer ball. It can handle the forces of the kids without getting damaged. Your soccer-loving son/daughter will love to play with it. If someone older than 8 years plays with this ball, it can be damaged a little. But mostly it can handle the shooting. It is partially inflated. Mine needed air added when I received it.

You should have an air pump regardless if the ball is inflated or not. A simple internet search can tell you what size ball your athlete requires however the smallest size ball I’ve seen used during competition is size 3.

Why should you buy this?

Well, there are some major reasons for buying this thing. It has a composite leather cover for lasting durability for kids shooting. Rendition butyl vesica was designed for a more balanced shape with regularity and lasting air retention. Carcass windings for optimal shape retention. Proper inflation level 8-10 PSI (pound per square inch).

These are some cool features that you should try and experience. A high quality, well-built quality, and well-balanced football. Kids will have more fun playing with it. This ball is one of the bests in this price range. It is a perfect size and definitely a professional grade ball.

Even after 5 months, it has held up great condition. It won’t lose air or barely any leakage but if anyone uses it roughly it can be ruined or damaged. Its ease is fantastic. People recommend this ball for soccer lovers. 

Behind the ball

It is really not specified that it is made of PVC or PU. But after seeing the synthetic artificial leather in the ball it can be said easily that the has some serious materials. So, you can roughly use it for 1 year or less I guess. 

Some people say the leather of the ball got out after some matches! It is possible that the ball was not from a good shopkeeper or the product has a fault. Or even it is possible that the ball they got was not a real one. But popular sellers don’t have any bad reputation for their products. Usually,  they try to sell the best level products for the Americans and European people also. 

So, make sure that the product you are looking for is from a well-known seller or the product reviews are good enough. Otherwise,  there is always a complaint box in the online shops 😉


It was built to stay stable in the air. Also, curve shooting supports. It also has ok grip supporting in hand for the goalkeeper. It has an artificial synthetic leather touch. And while dribbling the ball, it doesn’t automatically rotate without your touching.

A young football player can have a nice touch playing with this ball. It doesn’t over bounce that player can’t control it. It is also pretty fast at moving. You can shoot or pass the ball to your teammates relying on the shooting practice with this ball. Vibrant color makes it lovely for kids, who will really love playing with it.

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Some people found it not the same ball showed in the picture in the online shop! Some found not enough packaging for the ball, some may have found that there was so much residue from the tape(in the packaging box), that even after 45 minutes of scrubbing with a washer and plate soap, the ball still remains tacky with bits of residue.

If your intention is just to practice with the ball then it is ok to play but in terms of playing long, it may not be your choice. So, the decision is yours. We are just uplifting the pros and cons to you guys. Still, some parents gifted this Wilson soccer ball to their children on any occasion. You can use this Wilson NCAA Copia soccer ball like football training equipment in the practice session. We will rate this ball 7 out of 10 only because of its minimal durability.

At a glance the pros and cons

ProsCan handle kid’s shootsArtificial synthetic leatherThe triangular pattern helps to understand how the ball rotatesCan wash with soap water, detergent with handsHave air stabilityHas good grip for GK
ConsNot more than 1 year lastingMay come out extra playingNo draw backsCan’t scrubBut not much as elder’s ballFor kids only

How much should you spend on this?

You can get this ball at a very low price but remember that the product must be genuine. You can get it in between 14$-34$ on Amazon. The price may vary sometimes. 

Should you buy this? In our opinion, you would be happy gifting this to your children and they would love to have this soccer ball. It is a value for money.

How to keep good condition or wash?

You can wash it with decent detergent or soap water. You need not scrub it. As the artificial leather may come out if anyone scrubs it. So, need some awareness to play with it longer. 

Note: if you want some articles about how to dribbling or how to kick a free kick or even a soccer/football-related article feel free to suggest us. We’ll be very glad to write it. 


Again if you ask us, is it worth buying this ball at 14$?  We would suggest you buy it without any hesitation. Hope it will last 1 year at least. It is good looking, vibrant color, feels soft while shooting, modern style and prints, and good materials. Overall, It’s a good package for you. Besides that, the decision is all yours.

Hope this article was useful to you. Feel free to contact us any time and let us inform what you would like to know next time! Share this article with your friends and how you like it, leave a comment below. Have a great day dear reader!

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