How to dribble soccer ball : Learn how to dribble

How to dribble soccer ball : Learn how to dribble

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It’s very important to know how to dribble soccer ball for becoming a good player. It’s very important to have control of your ball and manipulate other players with your dribbling skills. It also helps a player’s passing and shooting perfectly. Firstly, it’s a fundamental skill for a striker or midfielder. Secondly, you need to practice with both your feet to have a great grip on dribbling skills. We shall talk about How to dribble soccer ball, you can learn and improve your dribbling skills. So, here we go – 

1. Fundamentals of How to dribble soccer ball:

Run slowly and touch the ball gently

You can run slowly and touch the ball gently from behind. Then, make the ball dribble forward. Remember, the touch should be gentle that the ball may not go far. You may get slow with the ball but if you keep dribbling you will have more control over the ball. Moreover, your eye should be on the front. After that, you can take full control of the ball. 

Keep close to the ball

During football dribbling the ball you have to keep close to the ball. Otherwise, the opposite team can take the ball away from you. Sometimes you may need to bend your knee and keep dribbling with both of your feet or toes forward. Keep the ball between your leg feet so that the opposite player can’t take away the ball. Your body will defend the ball from their attacks for the ball. Then you will change the ball’s direction wherever you want. If anyone asks you, How to dribble soccer ball? Make sure, you pass them necessary information.

Touch the ball with the leading edge of your foot

This gives you some speed throughout the dribbling and steps forward with keeping close to the ball. You just need to keep touching the ball with your edge of the foot so that you keep balance with slight speed. This helps you to pass the ball easily. This system can’t help you to change direction, cuts etc. This will help you to run the ball forward. 

Keep changing the pace

In order to confuse the defenders, you need to push the ball aside to your left or right. This will also help you to put them in the confusion of attack or not attack you. If you dribble only forward defenders can easily take your ball away. So, practice changing the pace of your dribbling so that defenders won’t understand your strategy.

Peripheral vision

When you are dribbling, keep in mind that other players are watching you how you are running on the field. When beginners learn to dribble, they maximum time have keep eyes on the ball. And it helps other players to under the strategy of the dribbler. Instead of this, when you are dribbling forward, keep your peripheral vision to the left or right. This will also confuse the defenders where you are going. Also, seeing asides you can see where your teammates and opposing players. Lastly, you’ll be aware of every position of the players.

Use your body and side dribble the ball

You can use the body as a shield for keeping the ball along with your leg. Defenders can’t reach the ball because of your whole body as it is guarding the ball and at the same time you are dribbling sidely. You can use your hand, arm, leg here and there to protect the ball from other players. But just to remember your hand or leg doesn’t hurt the player. Otherwise, it will be a foul call. Be sure that you need to be between the ball and the defender. 

How to dribble soccer ball
How to dribble soccer ball

2. How to practice dribbling-

Now come to the point of Practicing dribbling. Things are below you must follow to have a great grip on these skills while learning how to dribble soccer ball.

  1. Find a good plain surface/place/playground or a football field to practice all the above-noted dribbling strategies on the field. Don’t ask yourself, “How to dribble soccer ball!”, start with a soft touch on the ball then keep the ball near your feet not far ahead. If you are a good runner, then try with a little run and try to change the pace while running. If you can’t do this properly then try again and again. Remember that you need to practice more n more then You’ll be perfect at dribbling although it is not so tough to learn. Since you don’t need to control the ball while forward dribbling. 
  2. ‌Dribble in motion. Dribbling with speed can make defenders both confused and helpless at the same time when you move with speed and control the ball with your feet. For this technic, you need to step big, your ankle should be turned with force and the front two toes must touch the ball while running at speed. You have to take this method about 5 to 8 steps forward otherwise, players can catch you. Consider yourself as a running player with a touch to the ball and have to pass or strike to the goalpost, this should help you to have this skill. 
  3. Practice with cones in and out. Place 5 or 6 cones each is three steps apart serially. Use one foot according to your feeling. If you are a lefty use left feet otherwise right. Now start with the ball touch and dribble between the cones gap with the same feet. Dribble the ball aside with the side of the feet in and out. Continue the process until cones are finished to cross. Remember, don’t touch the cones with feet or ball. This will make you more controlled with the ball. Once you have done the process,  now turn back and start how you have started earlier. Another thing, first, you can start a little slow but once you are done with this process two or three times, It’s high time to speed this training. Touch the ball with the edge of your boot in quick time. 
  4. ‌Practice some bouncing dribble. Take a densely 15 feet long rope ahead. Try to cross the ball with the edge of the boot without touching the rope. You need to pick up the ball a little to cross the ball. It’ll help you to face and leave behind the small tackle or resistance by the defenders. 
  5. Frontman statue dribbling practice. Imagine that a defender is in front of you and you have to confuse him through dribbling. Dribble up soccer ball slowly and go near him, now try forward dribbling and quickly turn into a backward dribble. Then, look anywhere but keep the mind in front then dribble back forward. It will totally confuse the defender and you will have a clear path to make a goal. Make sure you don’t have to lose the ball. 
  6. With crossover cones, practice both of your feet. Take 10 cones 5 crosses aside rest 5. Then start practicing dribbling with both feet. We mean, when the ball has to go right, you dribble between the cones cross each to the right, and then left.  As simple as that. Don’t touch the cones unnecessarily. Every time when you stop the ball, you might stop it with the middle part of your feet. But try to make it as quickly as possible. If you are not quick then defenders may understand your footwork and take the ball away. So, be careful. 
  7. Now practice in and outside drill between the cones. Before, you dribbled the ball from one side to another with just one foot. Now try that process using both of your feet. We mean, when you push the ball left with your left feet when it crosses the cine try to stop with the same middle part of the left feet. Then again pushing the ball to the right also stops the ball with the middle part of the right feet. Start the session with the next set of cones.  We know this process can make your brain work a little hard but, in beginning, you may have some problems doing the practice but once you have done enough practice, you will be able to do that trick very professionally. 
  8. Now try rolling the ball inside the trick. Firstly, you need to put your feet on the top of the ball then try to cross roll through the cones placed serially with two or three steps. Roll in such an angle that the ball crosses the right middle of the cones were set. However, stop the ball with other feet you started. Then again, try it with the other feet then stop it. Make it quick to have more control on the ball. It will also help you to have the balance of your whole body at a certain position you want. Also confuses the defenders. 
  9. Through the strong foot round the ball. This move is very popular with strikers. In order to do this dribbling move, when a player comes near you to get the ball, you need to push the ball with your strong feet and move the same feet around the ball without touching it. And push the ball with other feet, that’s it. This will definitely confuse the player which feet did he touch.
  10. Lastly, practice the ball forth and back without any cones. Only you have to pass the ball from one foot to another your feet. And with a little jump, you can react very quickly to dribble one foot to another. You don’t have to have forward movement. Simply, just try to pass the ball with your inner feet back and forth. Also, try the forward and backward passing with one foot to another. It may push your stretching to the next level. So, if you are not flexible enough then don’t try this anywhere. Lastly, your movement should be very fast. If you are not fast enough then practice more. It’ll make you fast day by day.

3. Some extra things can improve your dribbling skills better:

dribbling soccer ball
Dribbling soccer ball
  • Arms: Arms can be your best companion in dribbling like us for your sports companion in life. Well, when you are in speed running move your arms fast to have a better sprint. Using the movement freely of your arms you can have the right balance when hard dribbling. 
  • Feet: Use your feet on landing when you are running. If you use an ankle for landing, it may slow you down a lil bit. But landing on feet can give you some extra pace on the speed. It can also help not to catch you by defenders. A good trainer will always tell you to land on your feet to have extra speed than the others. 
  • Keep body straight: By keeping an athletic balanced position your center of gravity will remain in the center position of your body. And that will help you to cut your direction of running or dribbling anywhere from any position. Keep your knee bent, back straight, and keep dribbling. Relax and comfortably dribble is mainly possible because of keeping an athletic body.
  • Raise your knee a little bit while running. This makes you Kyllian Mbappe. No kidding. When you notice him, you will see him running raising his knee a little. Trainers also say to Keep your knee a little high to have a great balance but not so high that you can’t run.
  • There’s another simple trick. When you are running on front edge foot touching dribbling, suddenly you turn your feet and touch the ball middle instep of your feet. Keep touching sometimes so that defenders gonna freakout what’s going on. If you use smart soccer ball then it will perform well.
  • If you have a coach it will be great for training but if you don’t then we are here to guide you. The above process will not only help you to gain these skills but also give you the right professional skills. Mostly, those who are good at dribbling, they can play as midfielder or sticker. Also, those who can play with both of their feet are considered as most dangerous players. As they are equally good at dribbling, passing, shooting, and heading also.

4. Learn how to dribble soccer ball with Some Tricks- 

  • Dribble like you seem to go there but actually go another way. Make it seem like you are gonna strike that ball but as the front player goes for defending that. You push the ball with the inside touch with other feet. Then, immediately push the ball with other feet with some extra force then run with the ball. 
  • Another variation is stop and start. Dribbling the ball with some force. Then stop the ball with the inside of the foot. This will make the player frizz for some time. Then you again push the ball with acceleration where you wanted to go.
  • You saw Messi dribbling. He is one of the best dribbler in football game. He confuses players with crossing dribbling, dodging them, etc. You might be wondering you want to be exactly like Messi but sadly you can’t. But you can follow how he dribbles.
  • Next, you holding up a defender behind your back and the foot on the ball. Suddenly roll the ball in a direction lowing down the body a little but then drag the ball to the opposite way with acceleration.
  • The next trick is much trickier it might take a little bit of practicing more. But really effective to shake off the defenders especially if you are a midfielder or striker. Roll the ball over the top then snap it back with acceleration. 
  • Next, The Stepover La Croqueta. Stepping around the ball then you push it with inside touch to the other foot. Then push it as you like.
  • Another, hop body feint. Hop the body over the ball then make it seem like you are going in your direction but push the ball in the opposite direction.
  • Next is, side skip. When a defender is trying to tackle you, you look opposite push the ball and jump a little to avoid the crash to the defender. Then go for the ball again. This trick will both save the ball and dribble the ball at the same time. Not like dribble basketball.
  • You can also push the ball between their legs to have the ball again on the other side.
  • A simple trick called the Mathews created by English winger Stanley Mathews. Shifting the ball with inside of your foot and then shifting the ball with outside touch to the ball with the same foot. Then kick the ball. A similar trick is, accelerate the ball one way. Then flick it to the opposite way. You need to have a good balance to do this. 
  • Another trick, accelerate the ball with an inside touch then roll over the ball without touching it. And then again inside touch the ball with the same foot them stop again. Finally, push the ball with dragging force. 
  • The chop outside cut move. This is a great one if you perform well. Chop push with inside touch of the foot. Then move round the ball with the other foot without touching. Then an instant touch with the outside touch to the ball. And then accelerate the ball.
  • This one is really a tricky one. You’ll be absolutely legend if you can do this trick. Roll over the ball step over the opposite foot. After that, round over the foot again. Then, outside of the foot touch with the same foot, we used earlier. Drag the ball with the other foot. Finally, another accelerating touch the ball. This will fool the defenders. 
  • Now come to the complicated trick. Place your foot at the top of the ball, drag it behind you, stop it with the laces, pull the ball towards you, reverse opposite foot again, then round your body during this process and finally roll the ball inside then accelerate away with the ball. Remember not to lose the ball or balance while doing this trick.

5. Some important things about dribbling/dribblers-

  • Impact of dribbling in football: In soccer dribbling field, a talented player with amusing dribbling skills can change the momentum of a game in no time. In many footballing events of the recent past, dribbling has helped many in teams to win vital games. A well-organized footballer knows when or how to dribble. 

Dribbling provides the attacking player the advantage to surge the defenders and make room to create the chance of scoring a few goals. Players like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, and Neymar are considered as some of the finest dribblers of modern football. Impact of dribbling? Well, there are a few matches that can define this question easily. In the last UCL 2020, Neymar had moments of individual brilliance in a semi-final match ( 2nd leg) against Atlanta where he scored two effective goals in injury time. The Brazilian has equaled a record set by his Barcelona teammate Messi completing 16 successful dribbles, a joint-record in UCL qualifying rounds. In that match, PSG had beaten Atlanta by 2-1.

There are many more examples of dribbling impacts on scoring goals such as, recently in the 2020 UCL game, Alphonso Davies had a record running speed with dribbling the ball. He dribbled the ball at an average speed of 25km/h.
An interesting incident, in a Bundesliga match(Bayern Munich Vs. Dortmund), when Erling Haaland was dribbling very fast way to score a goal then Alphonso Davis was running 12 meters behind him with a speed of 25km/h and save the goal from Haaland. Though, Haaland is also amongst the fast players.

From this matter, we can learn two things. One, dribbling fast can leave behind all the defenders. Two, Running fast can save the goal from the strikers. Also, Tackle and dribble to save the goal.

  • Players with astonishing dribbling skills: Previously, we recognized how superior can a player be with his dribbling skills. There are many players who have this amazing potential. Among them, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar jr, Eden Hazard are the most popular names. In the last decade (2010-2020) of football Messi has accomplished an incredible stats of 1462 successful dribbles, the highest by any individual. His rival Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best dribbler in the world holds the personal dribbling record in a single match, he had completed 20 dribbles while playing for Manchester United against Benfica back in September 2006-2007 UCL season. Currently, Neymar is also making his impact as a promising dribbler. For some footballers, dribbling is a heavenly gift. Ronaldinho is one of those gifted players, the way he used to dribble the ball is simply magnificent. It’s like he could make the football talk with his feet. Some say Robinho is the most technical player when it comes to dribbling. Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo Lima, Zidane, Luis Figo, Kaka all were great dribblers of the ball. No wonder, you’re seeing lots of Brazilian on the list, to them dribbling is an act of art.
  • Among the players who can dribble well: Football has evolved steadily since its beginning. A lot of young players are showing their possibilities and technicalities in bigger games. The definition of dribbling is also a bit different now. Players like Kylian Mbappe, Devid Neres, Kingsley Coman, Erling Haaland, Ousmane Dembele, Alphonso Davies, Vinicius Jr, Takefusa Kubo seem to be having various types of dribbling skills. They all have already introduced themselves as sheer talent both in club football and the national team. Thus dribbling finds its own way to goal more with skills in modern football.

6. Things you need to be careful with before learning How to dribble soccer ball

When you are dribbling, be careful you don’t get an injury in your body. In practice, you shouldn’t practice so much that your muscles or tissues get pain. In the beginning, practice a little time. Then gradually, increase your practicing time and efforts. This will help you to get better results soon. 

Don’t look at the ball all the time because other players may get your ball away even you won’t be noticing. When under pressure, calm down your brain and find a way of how to dribble soccer ball to come out of the situation. Don’t hesitate to do so.

Be sure you put on your guards properly not to get hurt in private parts as well as the whole body. However, keep practicing and improve your skills day by day 🤟

Now that you know the various fact and things about soccer dribbling, you may now go to the field to practice some and show the audience how capable you are of smart soccer ball dribbling. So, let’s hope for the best and wish you best of luck for your upcoming game 😉

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