Difference between soccer and football?

If you are ever confused about the difference between soccer and football? you have come to the right place to drive away your confusion about what is football and what is soccer.

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Soccer and Football it’s the same thing if you belong to Asia, Africa, Europe, or South America. But if you are from North America Football and Soccer aren’t the same thing. In Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and of course the USA, soccer means the game which is played by leg and head, and Football means the game which is played by hands and legs as well. Sometimes, they kick the oval-shaped ball also in a football game. 

But as you see in the south and arctic area, football means the game played with foot and head also sometimes chest or back. It’s the most most popular game in the whole world.

Then you might be wondering what is football and what is soccer?

Confused, right?

Let’s dismiss your confusion:

The difference between soccer and football. What’s football and what’s soccer or rugby? The picture reflects the expression. Researched by team.

Little history of soccer and football:

Before you consider the game as Football or Soccer, you’ll have to know the history before modern football came. The game Football is actually a very ancient sport. The concept of teams kicking a ball into a goal area has been around us for thousands of years records. History says, from a Mesoamerican sport, an ancient game Kujou, and of course, the modern game of football came from 12th century England. But that was vastly different from the modern football gameplay. The whole tons of people in England played the game as we know now only eleven players can play the game. Some of the people could kick as well as punch the ball before becoming popular, this version of the game was pretty much with some sorts of rules in the 17th century. There’s also a game name, Eton which was also a little form of Modern Football. 

The answer to this question is different from the American and Canadian points of view and the whole other world’s point of view. They see soccer and football differently. There is some soccer football difference and they are completely two different sports in many ways.

American point of view:

Americans play football with an oval-shaped ball by throwing with hands as well as kicking with the leg. You can identify the American football game by noticing the oval-shaped ball or the field decorations for the game. This game is also known as Gridiron(It’s a team game). Sometimes, they clash to get the ball but are not allowed fouls. Among two teams, each of the teams requires 11 players. Next, the NFL squad of 53 players make up each side Special Teams, Offensive and Defensive that take turns on the field.

The American Football means Rugby Football:

Firstly, it starts with down the ball or a kickoff. Usually, they score goals in some ways but mostly, they have to cross the line of the opponents and touch down. Secondly, some extra points when kicking the ball into the opponent’s ending (point zone). As it is a tough game to score a goal, some players get injured sometimes. There are some tournaments in the USA such as NFL, NCAA, College League, etc.

It is played in the field of 110m(360 feet) long and 49m(160 feet) wide. To play the game players need to wear some protective equipment including a helmet. Moreover, This game is a total of 60 minutes long but divided into 15 minutes quarters. Lastly, whichever team scores the most goal than the other, wins the match.

Americans understand soccer as a round ball played by the leg, head, chest, or back of the 11 players of each team. The only goalkeeper can play with both hands and legs. But GK can touch the ball only in the D-box. Otherwise, not. Last but not the least, there are some similarities between soccer and football, if you compare and contrast soccer and football.

Breaking down the confusion of the name came ‘Soccer’ –

Depending on their American language,  this sport’s real name is Association Football League which was founded in 1895. But earlier in 1863, English Football Association made the first rules of this game. They name it only because they didn’t want to mix the name Football with other games like Rugby Football(now known as Rugby and that is played with hands). 

In the times of 19th century, the British coeds sometimes use short names to call something. So, they shortened Association Football to socca, then socker. Later on, they found the current form name of the game. 

On the other hand, Association Football had already taken over North America and had the popularity already. Some people used to call it Football. But this game needed a new name to differentiate the game in the USA. That’s why they named it Soccer. People in the USA, still habitually people use the word ‘soccer to indicate the Association Football game as Pele from South America introduced by his popularity. 

European point of view:

But in Europe, people rarely use the word soccer, they mostly use the word football. Though in 1958 in Brazil, a football commentator used the word o Jogo bonito(means the beautiful game) to indicate the Association Football game because of the 5 times the world champions Brazil. That’s why people of America know this game via Pele as well as some advertisement and commercials had the game name on them. 


As you have come this far, are there any differences between soccer and Association football? The answer is, there are none. They both mention the same 11 players on each side team described above also☝️ the rules given by the IFAB(International Football Association Board). 

Lastly, the rules and regulations, standardized rules to play soccer football all over the world controlled by FIFA including the associations of United Kingdom: Wales(FAW), England (FA), Scotland(SFA), and Northern Ireland (IFA). 

Whether you are playing football, soccer, or o Jogo bonito, you have to abide by the rules and standardized system given by FIFA nowadays.

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