Best Soccer Shin Guards Purchase guide : How to select Soccer Shin Guards

Best Soccer Shin Guards Purchase guide : How to select Soccer Shin Guards

How’d you know what type of shin guard suits you better or which guard will protect you from random attacks? Well, this article will help you to choose the Best Soccer Shin Guards for you. So, here we go.

First of all, there are three different types of soccer shin guards to protect your shin/leg as well as a bone while playing soccer/football. They are slip-in, ankle and sleeves/socks-type shin guards. You can choose any of them wherever you need protection. If you would like to have guidance about purchasing Soccer Cleats, Checkout our article, – “Soccer Cleats purchase Guide“. Also learn our review about – “Adidas Copa Mundial Cleats“.

Ankle Shin Guard

It looks like an elastic band with a shin guard but it varies from brand to brand. Some ankle shin guards can be detached separately to carry them easily.

The common use of it is to protect your ankle from major/minor injuries or even breaking bones. It’s funny that ankle shin guards were made to protect the ankle or the shin! Well, this guard was made to protect both the ankle & shin as well. Most ankle shin guards have strips that go under the feet and hook/look-strap wraps around the leg to ensure a good fit. Mainly, Its purpose to protect your ankle whether it gets hurt by hitting. Cuz, they both are important to be protected 😉

Slip-in Shin Guard

It can be used right under your socks as a shield that feels soft from inside but it is really tough from the outside. Most players like this guard because they can move it wherever they think it should take a position. Some tapes it to stick in one place.

It helps to stick the guard at a selected place throughout the game and does not distract players from the match. Players typically prefer slip-in shin guards because of the freedom of movement they can handle. You have to put it inside your socks in position.

Shin Socks Guard

Shin socks are favorite shin guards for younger players because kids shin pads don’t have to place the guard often throughout the match. Youngers don’t like to be annoyed by the displacement of the guard. It was designed mainly to have a hassle-free match.

Keep in mind that this type of guard needs to be approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment(NOCSAE) because they test the guards that they can protect the younger’s shin. There should a NOCSAE stamp on the shin guard.

Best soccer shin guards according to positions:

It’ll be very impactful playing for a soccer player if he/she chooses the right shin pads for the game according to the position of the field. There different types and different sizes of Shin guards according to your feet and shin. So, you might be thinking it doesn’t matter which one you choose will be better enough. But that’s not fully true. You have to know which one is suitable for you according to your position in the field. 


Goalkeepers need minimal or light-weight shin guard for their shin protection. Because they don’t have much to tackle throughout the match. Even though they have to stop the shooting of balls sometimes with their shin. So, GK also needs football shin pads.


As they had to take a lot of shots, tackles even hittings, they need havier and strong sports direct shin pads and ankle coverage while hurting or getting hurt by any player 😜


They need the best of shin protection and besides they need to be able to move fast and light-weight guard that will not over-weight them down. A good balance of both protection. They need both shin guards which are flexible and ankle guards that don’t bother your movement while playing


They need shin guards that support ankle and shin both but not much as the defenders and midfielders need. Sometimes, they need more shin guards for protection from the opposing defenders. But guards need to be light-weight.

No, seriously they need very hard soccer shin pads for protection. In the past, Colombia defender Arias broke his shin. You don’t want your shin to be broken, do you?

Let’s see what can be found inside the best shin guards : 

Before you go to the market or online shopping, things you need to know about various kinds of shin pads/guards. The main part of the shin guard is the front hard plastic-type of part. There are some different types of guard’s material like TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) materials shin guard, aerospace-grade Carbon fiber. That’s where the price differences. Carbon fibered guards are a Lil bit expensive than the TPU made shin guards. And there is the back part which is basically made of foam mostly. The comfort depends on how much the density of the foam. The dense foam you buy the more you find comfort. That’s right, this foam material is the thing that keeps your shin protected from various kinds of attacks.

Oops, we haven’t talked about Design yet!! Let’s talk,

Design mainly depends on the brand’s variety but still, you can choose whichever you want. But make sure that your chosen shin guard has holes or little holes in it so that your leg won’t sweat or get hotter during the playing session. Make sure you have air ventilation holes in it. Secondly, shin guard size should fit in your leg as well as your socks effortlessly.

Kids shin pads are more attractive because kids like design rather than protection ability 😅

Some of the lighter guards may not be able to protect like the havier ones but they have a medium level of protection at least. Some slip-in guards are just come with straps or tapes in them, but most players recommend tapes most to adjust them. Straps are useful for kids who are in high school right now and NOCSAE certification in them. Since 2008, it is necessary to be approved by this organization. 

Things need to keep in mind before buying

When you get a shoot, make sure you feel comfortable with the shin guard you wore. If you don’t feel so, then these shin pads are not good enough to protect your shin. Maybe the foam is not dense enough. Pads should be wearing 2” below the nee or you can get injuries.

Instead of having strapped in it, have faith in them which goes right underneath your socks easily. Another thing, don’t buy those guards which decrease your movability and speed. Versatile guards are more efficient than regular ones but regular ones are tougher. So, choose based on your taste or need. 

How much you should pay for Best shin guards?

Next, choose small, medium, large, extra-large matching to your feel. And try to buy adjustable socks and shin pads along with tapes or straps you want. It won’t be costing more than 20$ I hope. But if you want more efficient shin guards then you can pay more if you want. As it varies from brand to brand,  you’ll get a good pair of these  in about 10$ to 30$ 😉

However, you need to buy some additional accessories for the guard purpose. And that won’t cost more than 5$-10$. If you are lucky, you can get all things at a low price.

My personal recommendation is to pick up Slip-in best soccer shin guards ever. It’s easy to carry, not bulky, wear underneath the socks, can place anywhere need. But the choice is totally yours.

Last but not least, 

Should you care about football shin pads?

Now that you have chosen what kinda soccer shin guards you need and the style you need, now it’s time for some cleaning 😁

This is very simple than you think. Before every match, you need to clean your guards if not, it will cause you itching during the game. And after the match, you can wash them in the washing machine but remember that your washing machine is capable of not damaging the pads. Or you can just simply wash with soap or detergent and clean it with your own hands.

Now, time for some suggestion, after some research on the best soccer shin guards we have found that Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids | Soccer Gear for Boys Girls are one of the best for soccer shin guards kids, youth soccer shin guards. [It has Foam cushioned backing for comfort

Front strap closing

Excellent players protective garment

Size XX-Small is suggested for youngsters up to 3’7″. [Kindly check size  image before buying your favourite pads/guards] be sure it fits.

Lastly, go to the playground with some shin pad fellas safely and rock on. We’ll cheer you up. Ensure of your guard tapes/straps are ok and have a great grip on the leg. You guys can also check NIKE shinguard size chart.

So, that was all about football shin pads/guards. If you think of any info that we’ve missed, or if you find this article useful write a comment down below. If you have any suggestions also write them down below. We’ll try to resolve wherever the wrong is. A big thanks for reading. 


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