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Before you buy a pair of the best goalkeeper gloves. Look forward to what you need to know about the quality of these hand gloves.

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He/she is a great determined player who chooses to be a goalkeeper. He had to keep in mind that he has to face the forceful shoot. He needs enough courage to save a goal. 

Best goalkeeper gloves Guide What To Look For In A Pair Of Goalkeeper Gloves

A goalkeeper’s best companion is a pair of gloves. It makes a big difference when saving a goal. When a defender fails to defend, a goalkeeper has to stop the ball. For this, he needs to have a long body to jump and save all over the goalpost. He needs to be attentive about the ball from where it comes. Also, he has to choose a good pair of keeper gloves to save the goal. There are some things which are necessary to know about the gloves. 

What you need to know about GK gloves:

First of all, if you are looking forward to buying a pair of gloves you should look at their fitting and shapes. Secondly, it has to be light-weight and has a great grip on the ball. Thirdly, it needs to have better protection for fingers. Lastly, it should last longer. Besides, there are some other things you need to follow. Moreover, there may some drawbacks as well as some benefits of the gloves. There are amateur and pro gloves. Grab one according to your needs.

Why cut matters in glove?

Well, cut determines the level fit and the performance when stopping a ball.

According to the size and shape of the Goalkeeper’s hand, there are some cuts. So, here are the basics that are always to be noticed .

Flat Cut Glove:

Firstly, It is for a goalkeeper with wider hands or larger/bigger fingers. You can see the seams on the outside on the palm side and in the backside. So that the gloves create a wider area for your wider hands. The inside is made of some kinda mesh or breathing materials. It is a loose fit in the hand.

Box Cut:

This is a traditional cut mostly found in the market at a cheaper price. Its palm and fingers are stitched to the backside with gussets. Gussets make the gloves tighter. But still, they don’t provide much grip as the other cuts provide. 

Roll Finger Cut:

These have a curved finger with a backhand sewn directly into the palm. Also, there’s a bigger latex area for not using gussets. This helps create a seamless catching surface. People also say it “a gun cut”. These gloves provide keepers a bit more cushioning and looser fit so that goalie can easily put in and out of the gloves.

A Negative Cut:

These gloves have a one-piece palm attached to a backhand or gussets with small inserts of latex also all these are stitched inside. That means, this glove provides a tighter grip and fits to hand. Besides, negative cuts are ideal for long slender fingers and snug second-skin fit. It feels good gripping a ball because of the tight fit.

There are some additional cuts.

The flat roll hybrid:

These have a flat cut on the middle fingers and a roll cut on the pinky index and thumb. Moreover, this glove has maximum latex of all contact edges of the hand maintaining finger gussets for breathability. 

The Negative Roll Hybrid:

These have a negative cut on the middle fingers and a roll cut on the pinky index and thumb. Thus, it helps to have a snug fit for wrapping on the ball. While the outside finger takes advantage of additional latex the ball contact. This improves the grip. Those who want a tighter grip on maximizing catching area.

We prefer a flat cut or hybrid cuts. Because it helps the keeper to catch the ball with maximum palm area with a better grip.

Glove sizes

It can vary from brand to brand. Still, overall measurements:

Junior6 – 746 In/15cm
Junior8 – 956.3 In/ 16cm
Junior10 – 1166.8 In/17.2cm
TeenBig Youth77.2 In/18.2cm
TeenLittle Adult87.6 In/19.4cm
TeenMedium Adult98 In/20.4cm
AdultBig Adult108.5 In/21.5cm
AdultXL Adult118.9 In/22.6cm
Gk Gloves Sizes

Things Should be Brought in Mind

While stopping a ball from a striker’s shooting, the soccer gloves should feel comfortable also stickiness. Sometimes goalkeeper needs to punch or push the ball to avoid a sure goal. For this purpose, the keeper also needs strong gussets both to punch and protect his fingers. 

Remember that gloves don’t make goalkeepers best. You have to practice more to become like Manuel Nuer, Iker Casillas, or De Gea. They used some of the best goalie gloves.

You can have amateur gloves for practice sessions and pro gloves for match sessions.


Green color, extra latex, and extra stickiness can help to grab the ball easily. Besides, some high-tech stuffs are there you can like. Some cheap gloves have palm thing damage issues. It may damage after a few sessions. Durables are better than the regular ones. There are some best goalkeeper gloves, you can choose any of them. Among them, Adidas goalkeeper gloves, Nike goalkeeper gloves, puma goalkeeper gloves, etc are some of the bests.

Before Buying

Make sure the glove palms are sticky, latex on them, feels soft from the inside, tighter fit, inside gussets, good grip of the ball. Also, Protection for fingers, light-weight, sticks to the wrist, durable & longer-lasting, air-breathing, and flexible. Harsh but true that you can’t get all the needs in one pair of gloves. But still, grab the maximum features you can have simultaneously. 

You can get well-known brand gloves within 65$ to 80$ with professional quality materials. Or if you want some extra features then you may have to spend some more.


If you want a good pair of goalie gloves at a better price, you need to dig out the materials they used for making these. You can match the things we have said above to have a better pair. We haven’t said anything about colors and design cuz it’s up to you totally. You need to focus on the basic needs of a glove rather than the outside looks. 

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