Adidas Copa Mundial Cleats Review – Soccer Cleats

There are brand new cleats Which will bring you much more comfort than you think. speaking of brand new cleats Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial firm ground soccer cleats,  which well keep you stick to the ground and better shooting. You can play football or soccer game with it. They sold very high volume boots over decades & especially in WorldCup seasons.

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Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

1. The materials in the Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats-

Having said that it has a 100% synthetic sole platform measure at approximately 2,  durable K leather upper quick-drying synthetic lining comfortable EVA insole direct-injected outsole durable firm ground grip outsole. You can buy it in various kinds of sizes and three colors red black and white. both men and women can use it. it has 10-millimeter heels to protect the feet of a player and give him griping the ground. 

2. People find it useful-

Then it comes, people who use that find out very helpful and comfortable for their own or any of them they wanted to gift the cleats. As it has the stretching ability so people buy it a less size that they can period after playing some or some months later. some people switch to a leader’s because they find it a very attractive look and style and it is much more comfortable than the others soccer cleats. Who plays football and soccer regularly in Never Be disappointed using it. Some users wore these boots for over 4/5 years easily and they are being satisfied with them.

3. Who/how it can be used?

So, come to the point that who and how it can be used. can anyone use it for daily jogging are running in the park are mainly in a soccer game or a football game? yes of course anyone can wear it easily in such shots of game football/ be fair with the user experience of it after every match you need to are you should clean the shoes to have a better experience for the next match.  with the heels in it, the playground will be ripped off but the player will not. LOL

lastly, any age of people can use it without any hesitation full stop there is nothing to worry about the ages only you have to worry is on the field you want to use it in the playground.

4. Which type of complexion it can handle-

It can handle the horizontal or the vertical load easily and it can take the load of the sides or corners. you will never have a complain about it. as it has a soft and foam that you will not get uncomfortable wearing it. As you can have Adidas Copa Mundial size chart you will have the perfect fitting of the feet.

5. Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat’s Pros –

  • The backside is a little high to have a better grip on the feet.
  • The front side is Sewed very well & have a great look to impress you.
  • Its Leather is much soft and furnished well  with  sewing
  • It has a long flap tongue, you can fold it as far you want.
  • There are a whole lot of technologies since Addidas Copa were made, this one has the latest also
  • it has a cross tab pattern and a good traction side
  • And besides, it has a copper Mandial logo and it has an Adidas brand logo at the upper sole
  • at the bottom, it has a white color pattern with a little heel
  • and of course the lasers in it
  • Its weight is just 10.2 ounces

6. Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat’s Cons-

  • It is extra bulky
  • Though it is an old-school model it can perform well as the modern one

7. The protection provides-

It has impeccable protection that if any player got hit in the feet, he won’t get stabbed as the boots have a protection system. It’s a thicker cleat than the modern cleats but it’s not a bad thing to have. It helps you to run faster & keeps it lightweight. Addidas spent many dollars to improve boots so they always try to give customers the best products.

8. Reviewer’s saying-

A user says that he has been playing soccer regularly for a long time and have used a lot of different cleats. he has been using these for 4 years, playing once or twice a week. From the very beginning, these felt just perfect. Boots made it easier to hit the ball accurately, feel great at speed, and provide support in all the better spots.

The leather stretches just perfectly over time. He did have to replace the insoles as they wore out after four years and my heel was feeling it. -(Amazon reviewers)

9. How do your soccer cleats feel?

People who used the boots/cleats found very comfortable while practicing session or even in the match. They said it was a great feeling after finishing 3 to 4 practice session. Usually, people use more or less any other brands’ boots, but most of them like Addidas boots than any other brands. Because of the thin but not so much thin heels players have a good grip on the mud, even in a full of snowfield it is considered to be one of the great companions whether you have wider or narrow feet.

10. Technology works behind it-

There are some techs inside the cleats. A player feels soft shooting a ball because of the K leather & some layers made to feel soft. Though it has an older look it serves better than other cleats. You should definitely try this on & have a better experience. It has a stretching tech that helps bigger feet to get in easily.


At last, those who want classic K leather, a soft touch on the ball, good grip on the feet have faith in and buy Adidas performance Copa Mundial soccer cleats. They still attract both men & women. These boots have more pros than cons that you should try at least. They are the best soccer cleats for midfielders as well as strikers. It better boots currently available at the market at the best price so far. So, best of luck & we know what you want & how it will help you to choose cleats. Here we are for you always. Learn more about this cleat at Soccerreviewforyou.

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