Ice Skating

Learn how to ice skate for the first time: Beginners Guide

Are you scared about learning how to ice skate? 

While skating on the ice appears to be scary, anyone can learn ice skating. Ice skating is a game you can learn at practically any age, with the correct gear and a little tolerance, you can figure out how to skate. Select the correct material to ensure you’ll be protected on the ice. It gives you a decent oxygen consuming exercise and can improve your equilibrium and coordination. Get familiar with a couple of easy moves to learn ice skating.

Let’s Pick the proper wear and gears

While ice skating, wear flexible clothes to move around easily. Choose a thin warmer so that it doesn’t get heavy while it gets wet by sweat. Skating is a workout, so your body will get hotter once you move around, keeping you from getting cold on the ice. Go for a fitted top with leotards, leggings, or tights.

As you will not be moving around as energetically during amateur moves, go for a light coat or coat. This ought to be an outfit simple to take on and off if you get sweat-soaked, and light and moveable enough that it doesn’t impede your movements on the ice. Wear microfiber socks to keep your feet warm. This will protect you from the cold.

The most important fact for ice skating is the selection of accurate skating shoes. Right-fitted skate shoes will provide you great compassion of comfort. It gets so difficult to ice skate wearing inappropriate shoes as you wear the wrong one you might be injured by an unexpected fall.

Now for proper safety, you should put on a helmet, elbow, and knee guard. This will protect you from injuries if you fall.  

Let’s work on the basics of ice skating

There are so many numbers of people who are scared about ice skating. Always thinking, how to ice skate for the first time, where can I learn ice skating. Don’t be panicked put your fear apart and work on some basics. 

It’s astounding the number of individuals beginning in skating invest all their energy to focus at their feet as opposed to toward the path they are going. All things considered, keep your head up and look before you so in any event, you can see who or what you are going to crash into.

Falling is natural in sports, so this will happen. But if you start with a correct body posture, it will keep you from getting injured. To make sure correct body posture bend your knees and squat in a dip position. Make some squat exercise to get a perfect starting.

Start with some basic gliding holding the railing so that you can balance yourself. 

Don’t be scared! Everything will be easy when you start to glide. Try some basic stroke to move forward. Keep stroking with a rhythm of two sides and never focus on your feet rather than looking forward. Ensure to making yourself skim, place your heels together. At that point, slide your feet separated. After this, point your toes together. Rehash this movement, leaving a path in the ice that looks like an hourglass. 

When you’re open to skating around the arena doing swizzles, floating, and stroking, you need to realize how to stop. Stand along with your feet together. Push your feet separated while skating and stick one skate out sideways. This will push some frost off of the ice as a result your body will be able to stop.

How to practice ice skating at home

The practice is the key to success anything. You can practice ice skating gliding by making a temporary ice skating rink. In winter you can use frozen lakes to skate. Self teaches ice skating is one of the great ways to acquire the methods of learning ice skating. Stretching can be performed as a warm-up for ice skating. So make a temporary ice skating rink, put on your gears, and enjoy the gliding at home.  

It’s time to skate

The basic of your learning is almost over. Now it’s time to left all the fears and get ready to skate.

Before you get into the skating rink your body needs a warm-up to perform an enjoyable ice skate.

Stretch your legs on the railing to free your leg muscles. Your body may not use the freezing ice, so the warm-up will help you to sync with the cold of a skating rink. Curve your knees and keep your weight forward. Continuously lean forward marginally when skating. Reclining can make you fall in reverse onto the ice.

Ice skating may be a tough sport but practicing regularly can be an amazing way of fun.

Frequent practice will make you a good ice skater and regular practice will make you professional in this sport. You may be scared at first but after few weeks you will love to skate.

Let’s learn some tricky moves

Ice skating is impressive when you learn some amazing moves. I’ll share some ice skating tricks and tips for beginners.

Skating backward

When to can perform the forward move better, you can try the impressive backward skating. The most essential approach to figure out how to skate in reverse is to push the two legs in and out simultaneously. Consider some scissors. Every half moves with the other, and that is how you should manage your legs to push yourself along. Careful discipline brings about promising results and makes for a couple of solid and lean legs as well.


Learning ice-skating stunts for beginners doesn’t need to alarm you. Lungs are fun since you feel the impact of floating joined with a decent stretch. Add a couple of body movements and that will look amazing. 

Lunges are another weapon in the arsenal stockpile for grown-up skaters who need to improve the state of their bodies and increment their solidarity. Simply be certain that you’re sensibly adaptable before endeavoring a jump.


Another wonderful move for beginners is the spirals move. In this move skate forward at a certain speed and hold both arms to your sides. Lean forward slowly while lifting one leg off the ice. Keep both arms out of your sides. Never look down during performing the move. Keep your head up otherwise you’ll become unbalanced and fall. Glide comfortably as long as you can. When you realize that you are moving too slowly, stand back up with both arms out of your sides. When you are alright with the winding position, you can start chipping away at lifting your leg higher and exploring different avenues regarding distinctive arm positions also. Maybe you will want to do this position sometime with extraordinary speed and elegance, similarly as you find in the photograph above.

I would like to share my first-time ice skating experience. My first-time ice skating was the best moment I can find in my mind. When I entered the ice skating rink for the first time, a thrilling feel was holding all my mind. But when I started the gliding the moment was so exciting that I can’t explain. It took a couple of weeks to learn ice skating. With a strong determination, anyone can learn ice skating. You can learn more about ice skating from some of our neighbor website as well. Lifeabout has a great article as well that you can checkout.

Ice skating is a great source of fun. In the beginning, ice skating maybe seems so difficult, but beyond the fears and hardness, you’ll enjoy the whole thing. Hope you liked the article, comment down below your opinion and feel free to contact us to suggest what you would like to know about next.

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