Different Types of Ice Skating Sports

Different Types of Ice Skating Sports

Do you have any idea which types of ice skating sports is ideal for you? The most mainstream ice sports are ice hockey and figure skating. In any case, there are numerous others.

Today we’re here to give you some ideas about various types of ice skating sport. But before we start on different Types of ice skating sports, make sure you read our other articles. Reading those articles will help you to invest right and gather proper knowledge before diving into it. List is below –

Here is a preface to the various game exercises you can do in an ice arena, on skates or shoes, or on an ice track.

What will you pick?

The various types of ice skating sports

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Different Types of ice skating sports

The major types are:

Ice hockey

As our discussion on types of ice skating goes, Ice hockey is a contact group activity played on ice, for the most part in an indoor or outside arena, where two groups of skaters utilize their sticks to shoot a vulcanized elastic puck into their adversary’s net to score objectives. The game is known to be speedy and physical, with groups for the most part handling six players all at once: one goaltender to prevent the puck from going into their net, two defensemen, and three advances who skate the range of the ice attempting to control the puck and score objectives against the rival group.

Speed skating

Speed skating is a serious type of ice skating where the contenders race each other in voyaging a specific distance on skates. Kinds of speed skating are long track speed skating, short track speed skating, and long-distance race speed skating. This sort of ice skating is for those hoping to push their actual presentation.

Figure skating

Figure skating is a game wherein people, matches, or gatherings perform on figure skates on ice. It was the principal winter game to be remembered for the Olympic Games when challenged at the Olympics in 1908  in London. This kind of ice skating is for individuals searching for a more creative game.

They have different controls you can practice, and I will present them in this article. Notwithstanding occurring in a similar ice arena, these games are profoundly unique, even in their gear. Different games on ice likewise exist where you don’t have to wear skates: Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton, Curling.

Let’s elaborate on the types of ice skating.

Ice hockey


Ice hockey is one of the most popular ice skating sports. Ice hockey is a contact bunch movement played on ice, generally in an indoor or outside field, where two gatherings of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized flexible puck into their enemy’s net to score destinations. The name “ice hockey” is utilized in where “hockey” all the more regularly alludes to handle hockey, like nations in South America, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and some European nations including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Equipment needed to play:

Ice hockey is very unique concerning the other’s skating. Since men’s ice hockey is a full-physical game, body checks are permitted so wounds are a typical event. Defensive hardware is compulsory and is implemented on the whole serious circumstances. This incorporates a cap with either a visor or a full face cover, shoulder braces, elbow cushions, mouth watch, defensive gloves, intensely cushioned shorts (otherwise called hockey pants) or support, athletic cup (otherwise called a muscle head, for guys; and jill, for females), shin cushions, skates, and (alternatively) a neck defender.

Foundation of ice hockey:

In England, field hockey has truly been called just “hockey” and was what was referred to by first appearances on paper. The previously referred to refer spelled as “hockey” happened in the 1772 book Juvenile Sports and Pastimes, to Which Are Prefixed. The 1527 Statute of Galway prohibited a game called “‘hokie’— the heaving of a little ball with sticks or fights”. A type of this word was along these lines being utilized in the sixteenth century, however much eliminated from its present use.

Notices of games with sticks and some kind of puck date back to the eighteenth century and created during the nineteenth century. The contemporary coordinated game of ice hockey began in Montreal, Canada. In 1875, 2 groups of 9 players played the game.

Proficient hockey was created from the start of the twentieth century. The name of the league is called the NHL.

How ice hockey is played:

The round of ice hockey is played between two groups, each having six players, wearing ice skates and who contend in an ice arena. The article is to utilize the speed and dexterity to move the puck into the adversary’s objective and past the goalkeeper. The game is a famous Olympic game and is embraced by over 1,000,000 lovers from all edges of the planet.

History of ice hockey:

In the yearly Ice Hockey World Championships, 177 of 201 decorations have been granted to the six countries. Groups outside the Big Six have won just five awards in one or the other rivalry since 1953. The World Cup of Hockey is coordinated by the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), in contrast to the yearly World Championships and quadrennial Olympic competition, both run by the International Ice Hockey Federation. World Cup games are played under NHL rules and not those of the IIHF, and the competition happens preceding the NHL pre-season, taking into consideration all NHL players to be accessible, not normal for the World Championships, which covers with the NHL’s Stanley Cup end of the season games. Moreover, each of the 12 Women’s Olympic and 36 IIHF World Women’s Championship decorations was granted to one of the Big Six.

Speed ice skating

Speed skating is an authentic ice skating where the contenders race each other in voyaging a specific distance on skates. Sorts of speed skating are long track speed skating, short track speed skating, and significant distance race speed skating. Such ice skating is for those wanting to push their real introduction.

The standard arena for the long track is 400 meters in length. However, this is infrequently utilizing in tracks of 200, 250, and 333​1⁄3 meters. It is one of two Olympic types of the game and the one with a long history.

Equipment needed to play:

Speed skates vary extraordinarily from hockey skates and figure skates. Dissimilar to hockey skates and figure skates, speed skates are cut off at the lower leg and are assembled more like a shoe than a boot to take into account lower leg pressure. The cutting edges range long from 30 to 45 cm relying upon the age and stature of the skater. Short track cutting edges are fixed to the boot in two places once at the impact point and the other right behind the wad of the foot. Long track skates, likewise called applaud skates, join solidly to the boot just at the front. The impact point of the boot disconnects from the cutting edge on each stroke, through a spring system situated at the front connector. Speed skates are physically honed utilizing dance to hold them set up.

There are two types of speed ice-skating: long-track speed skating and short-track speed skating.

Long-track speed ice skating


Speed skating is a race over a specific distance on skates. What is usually known as speed skating is long-track speed skating. 

It happens on 400-meter ovals. What’s more, different distances are dashed.

Equipment needed to play:

For long-track skaters, a similar gear ought to be worn as short track racers yet except for a protective cap, shin cushions, knee cushions, and neck watch which are not needed; alongside their edges. Long track skaters skate on what is designated “applaud cutting edges”. These edges have pivots under the boot towards the back. It portrays in more detail above. Defensive eyewear isn’t obligatory. The suit additionally shouldn’t be Kevlar. Long track skaters wear a hood that is incorporated into the suit.

Foundation of long-track speed skating:

It appears to be that the principal official race occurred in 1763 in England. It began creating in North America during the second 50% of the nineteenth century. The organization was established in 1892.

How long-track speed skating is played:

Races are run counter-clockwise on a 400-meter oval. Taking all things together individual rivalry structures, just two skaters are permitted to race without a moment’s delay. Skaters should move to another lane each lap. The skater transforming from the external path to within has the option to proceed. Skaters might be precluded for bogus beginnings, blocking, and cutting inside the track. On the off chance that a skater misses their race or falls they have the alternative to race their distance once more. There are no finals in the long track, all rankings are by time.

Short-track speed ice skating


Short-track skaters race a little more than one-fourth of the 400m  (111.12m) oval. 

The objective isn’t really to deal with the best time. The objective is to complete the main two of each warmth to advance to the following round.

Equipment needed to play:

All short-track skaters must-have speed skates, a spandex skin suit, defensive head protector, explicit cut verification skating gloves, knee cushions and shin cushions (in suit), neck monitor (napkin style), and lower leg insurance. Defensive eyewear is required. Numerous skaters wear smooth earthenware or carbon fiber tips on the left-hand glove to lessen grating when their hand is on the ice at corners. All skaters who race at a public level should wear a cut-proof Kevlar suit to shield against being cut from another skater’s edge.

Foundation of short-track speed skating:

In 1992, short-track speed skating was acknowledged as an Olympic game. Short track speed skating had continued in the long track speed skating nations of Europe, like Norway, the Netherlands, and the previous Soviet Union, with none of these countries having won authority decorations (however the Netherlands won two gold awards when the game was a showing occasion in 1988). The Norwegian distribution Sportsboken burned through ten pages enumerating the long track speed skating occasions at the Albertville Games in 1993, yet the short track was not referenced by word, however, the outcomes pages showed up in that segment.

How short-track speed skating is played:

Races are run counter-clockwise on a 111-meter track. Short track races are quite often run in a mass beginning arrangement in which two to six skaters may race without a moment’s delay. Skaters might be precluded for bogus beginnings, obstructing, and cutting inside the track. Bogus beginnings happen when a skater moves before the weapon goes off toward the beginning of a race. Skaters are precluded for hindering when one skater cuts before another skater and makes the primary skater rise up to keep away from impact or fall. Cutting inside the track happens when a skater’s skates go inside the squares which mark the track on the ice. Whenever precluded the skater will be given the last spot in their warmth or last.

History of speed ice skating:

The foundations of speed skating date back longer than a thousand years in the North of Europe, particularly Scandinavia and the Netherlands, where the locals added issues that remain to be worked out shoes and utilized them to go on frozen waterways, channels, and lakes. Rather than people’s opinion, ice skating has consistently been an act of satisfaction and sports and not a matter of transport.

Afterward, in Norway, King Eystein Magnusson, later King Eystein I of Norway, brags of his abilities hustling on ice legs.

Notwithstanding, skating and speed skating were not restricted to the Netherlands and Scandinavia; in 1592, a Scotsman planned a skate with an iron cutting edge. It was iron-bladed skates that prompted the spread of skating and, specifically, speed skating. By 1642, the principal official skating club, The Skating Club Of Edinburgh, was conceived, and, in 1763, the world saw its first authority speed skating race, at Wisbech on the Fens in England for a prize amount of 70 guineas. While in the Netherlands, individuals started visiting the streams associating the 11 urban areas of Friesland, a test which in the end prompted the Elfstedentocht.

People Enjoying Various Types of ice skating
People Enjoying Various Types of ice skating

Figure skating


Often people asked a common question, Is figure skating really a sport?

I’m so dismal to begin this segment with this subject, however, the inquiry is still regularly being posed.

Indeed, figure skating is a game. It is even an Olympic game.

As indicated by the Cambridge word reference, a game is: “a game, rivalry, or movement requiring actual exertion and ability that is played or done by rules, for satisfaction or potentially as a task. ” 

Well, figure skating needs actual exertion without a doubt – the basic demonstration of pushing yourself on the ice and controlling the direction requires solid muscles. Ability – indeed, simply have a go at doing a solitary turn on the ice without the expertise – this ought to be entertaining 

Rules – figures are forced for instance – really, the International skating association (probably the most established game associations actually existing) began systematizing in 1892.

There are various types of figure skating which are extremely enjoyable.

Presently how about we proceed onward and find the various orders of figure skating.

Equipment needed to play:

The cutting edge of a figure skate has a section on the base making two unmistakable edges: inside and outside. Judges lean toward that skater’s coast on one edge of the cutting edge and not on both simultaneously, which is alluded to as a “level edge”. Skates utilized in singles and pair skating have a bunch of huge, rough teeth called a “toe pick” on the facade of every sharp edge. The toe picks are fundamentally used to help dispatch the skater into the air for the take-off when performing hops. Ice dance edges have more modest toe picks than cutting edges utilized for different orders. During a turn, skaters utilize the “sweet spot” of the cutting edge, officially called a rocker, which is the roundest segment of the edge, simply behind the toe pick and close to the center of the sharp edge.

History of figure skating:

Despite the fact that individuals have been ice skating for quite a long time, figure skating in its present structure started during the nineteenth century. A Treatise on Skating (1772) by the refined skater, Welshman Lt. ‘Chief’ Robert Jones (c.1740–c.1788), is the initially known book on figure skating.

The International Skating Union was established in 1892. The principal European Figure Skating Championships were held in 1891 in Hamburg, Germany (won by Oskar Uhlig), and the primary World Figure Skating Championships were held in 1896 in Saint Petersburg, Russia (won by Gilbert Fuchs). Just men contended in the early occasions yet in 1902 a lady entered the World Championships interestingly: British female skater Madge Syers contended in the men’s opposition, completing in the runner up behind Sweden’s Ulrich Salchow.

Skating rivalries were again hindered for quite a while by World War II. After the battle, with numerous European arenas in ruins, skaters from the United States and Canada started to overwhelm worldwide rivalries and acquaint specialized developments with the game. Dick Button, 1948 and 1952 Olympic Champion was the main skater to play out the twofold Axel and triple circle hops, just as the flying camel turn.

There are various types of Figure skating that have been performed by the skaters. Let’s have a little look at the types

Figure skating-single

Skaters perform 2 projects to music that consolidate complex footwork, twistings (supported one-foot floats on a solitary edge), twists, and bounces. The stunts are performed along the length of the ice or all around. They show nimbleness, aptitude, and speed.

Ice skates with the ‘creative style’ edge which is longer than the moving sharp edge at the back. 

In rivalry, you likewise need an outfit that doesn’t obstruct imaginative developments and aerobatic figures.

Subsequent to being a means of transportation and afterward a recreation action on lakes, dance developments were included in 1863 by Jackson Haines who attempted to spread this new way of skating. 

In 1892, the Vienna School set up the International Skating Union, probably the most seasoned game affiliations still in existence.

The principal Olympic figure skating occasions were held in 1908 in London. It was the principal winter game to be added to the Olympics.

Figure skating – pairs 

Like Single figure skating – skaters do one next to the other bounces and pirouettes yet additionally joined components with twistings, over the head lifts, and figures where the man tosses the lady into a hop.

Ice skates with the ‘innovative style’ edge which is longer than the moving sharp edge at the back. 

In contention, you similarly need an outfit that doesn’t discourage inventive turns of events and aerobatic figures.

The historical backdrop of pair figure skating created with the single game. 

Joined the Olympics simultaneously.

Ice dance

In spite of the fact that being essential for figure skating, ice moving is an alternate game. It has no hops or lifts over the head. Specialized stride and creative understanding assume a greater part in the projects.

Ice moving skates (more limited sharp edge) and ensembles for rivalry. 

Haynes showed up in Europe from the US with his dance hall moves and ice moving got famous by the mid-1900s. However, it stayed sporting. The main public rivalries happened during the 1930s. In 1952, ice moving was added to the World Championships.

Synchronized skating

In this game, eight to sixteen professional skaters perform together as one or a few units. They perform gifted footwork and figures as one. In the USA, it was first called accuracy skating.

Despite the fact that gathering skating may have begun in the nineteenth century, the game as it is now known began in 1954 with the principal accuracy skating crew in Michigan. 

The primary worldwide rivalry occurred in 1976 between the US and Canada. 

It has filled quickly in the twentieth century and the US alone has now more than 600 groups. 

It is being investigated for Olympic qualification.

Theater on ice

Known as expressive dance on ice in Europe, it comprises 8 to 30 skaters recounting a story together. It consolidates figure skating, theater, and dance. 2 projects are being played out: the free skate and the choreographic exercise. 

Skates and ensembles for each program. 

I have not discovered how it was created. Be that as it may, it has been very later, perhaps from the start of the 21st century. 

A few nations have formal titles however there are no managed worldwide rivalries yet.

The ice theater is a famous ice skating show but this show hasn’t got the respect of being an Olympic game. 

We have tried to provide you a little information about the three major types of ice skating sport.

Hope this article was useful to you and knowledge-able to know about different types of ice skating. Feel free to contact us any time and let us know what you would like to know next! Share this article with your friends and have a really great day!


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