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Best Ice Hockey Skates Review -Botas – Attack 181

Botas has released one of the best ice hockey skates for beginners. The skate is none of the other the Botas attack 181 which is the most attractive and durable ice hockey skates they have been shown ever.

Today we’ll explore the Botas attack 181 Men’s ice hockey skates. So, let’s start the review. If you are a beginner, we have everything you need. The list below probably will make your journey at ice skating much easier. Make Sure to READ :

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Botas – Attack 181 – Men’s Best Ice Hockey Skates Review


Let’s have look at the Specifications of Botas attack 181:

Blades: Botas have manufactured the Botas have produced the Botas-Attack-181 with exemplary hardened steel. Botas have furnished the solid exemplary sharp edges with the worry of novice-level ice skaters.

Design: Botas have created the Botas-Attack-181 with commendable solidified steel. Botas has outfitted the strong excellent sharp edges with the concern of amateur level ice skaters.

Quality: The overall quality help ensures all-around block and fixation of the boot, getting against impact and puck hits, and the lower leg cushioning with sufficient inside space especially in the boot front adds fabulous comfort. The plastic tip constantly gets the toes against influence.

Durability: The Botas-Attack 181 is designed with the concern of the beginner level of ice hockey players. An ideal tough item that accompanies a plastic cutting edge monitor makes it solid as well as trendy.

Light Weight: This product is as lightweight as well supporting which comes with lots of synthetic material.

Features and benefits:

The junior model of Ice hockey skates Botas attack 181 is intended for sporting skating and starting ice-hockey players. These skates fit perfectly and the edges come sharpen when arrival. The blades joined with bolts. Thus, it is conceivable yet more troublesome when edges appended with screws. The skates provide great advantages for recreational skaters.

As the recreational skater’s skates for fun or for getting the feel of enjoyment on the festivals. So, recreational skaters love the comforts while skating. The Botas attack 181 has the most uniquely comfortable skate design. In the upper, there is a nice use of the quality texture of the energetic printed painting, which is so attractive. There is a nice use of artificial foam pad in linning of black color, views an outstanding looks.

The thing which will attract you most is in the tongue which is anatomically formed, effectively adaptable, as well as strengthened in the binding zone. The ankle padding gives a unique rubbery foam for better comfort and safety of the ankles. A strong and durable plastics used for making the tip area.

The skates usually come in almost every size for people of different ages.

The Botas has released this Botas attack 181 in three versions, First one is the kids or junior version for junior ice hockey and casual ice skating. This comes in a lot of sizes for different ages of kids. The second one is the Men’s version for ice hockey and ice skating. These come in almost 17 various sizes in Europe and the USA. The third one is for women and the women’s version for ice skating comes in lots of sizes.

Botas – Attack 181 – Men’s Best Ice Hockey Skates Review


Though the products are quite impressive, it has some limitations too. The Botas has provided stainless steel in the blade section, which is not so durable as well. On the other hand, other brands used the mark I blade for long-standing and improved durability. 

Usually, all skates are sold pre-sharpened but during transportation and installation sometimes blades became not too sharp. The blades have to sharpen after purchase. There is a huge amount of feedback about its blades. The edges of blades become dull after a single or double skate. Sometimes it’s getting extremely uncomfortable with wide footer people as there is no use of stretch fiber which could be adjusted automatically.

The recommendations in use:

There are some recommendations provided by the manufacturers. They are in followings:

  1. Clean off after each utilization or wash daintily with water.
  2. Eliminate the insole and dry all at room temperature.
  3. Sometimes monitor the sharp edge of the skate. Cautioning: don’t put near warmth sources, could bring about harm or annihilation!

The manufacturer has strictly prohibited to use of detergents to wash and not suggested not putting it near to warmth sources, which could bring about harm or annihilation.

After reviewing the skates my suggestion is that you can purchase the Botas attack 181 kids version for your kids who might be a learner or a lesson beginner of ice hockey. You can also buy these ice hockey skates for yourself which should be used for recreation or for fun.

You can’t use these skates for professional ice hockey and that’s maybe you won’t want.

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