10 Best Mini Golf courses near you in USA

10 Best Mini Golf courses near you in USA

Aren’t you excited about combining your summer days with the thrilling experience of one of the best mini golf courses? Trust me, this is the best summer holiday plan you ever do. With dynamic and moving obstacles, fake grass and the whole game dynamics – pushes its player to play their best trickshot. Remember! Mini golf is not about covering course, its all about efficiency and strategy.

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Mini Golf Courses are designed to serve much fun and entertainment

The next time you’re on vacation or searching for a brand new activity to boost the weekend, make certain to go to one in all the foremost distinctive mini golf courses within the U.S.

So by the end of this article, you will know about-

10 unique yet amazing Mini Golf Courses in USA

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Crave Golf Club

Not many folks would expect Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to own the good mini golf course within the U.S however Crave Golf Club stands out for all the correct reasons. The course includes the most colorful and bright sweet treat theme which features the delightness of every course.

You will face barriers like frozen dessert, ice cream, Candy Canes and Jellybeans give the challenge for you to Golf around to place up a decent score. There are actual sweets once you get the temptation with large chocolate bars, a shake bar and plenty of alternative treats offered. Crave Golf Club provides you a fun mini putt expertise with a pleasant theme in a very colourful world.

Philly Mini Golf

Philadelphia sees its history celebrated with the Philly mini Golf taking part in into the native theme. each hole contains a theme paying tribute to a unique landmark within the town.

The Franklin SQ. location makes it ideal to pay a complete day there. Even once finished with the mini putt session, there’s a carousel and beloved restaurant to gnaw at. Philly mini Golf is spectacular enough to create everybody in alternative cities who would like to have such a course to honor its history.

Pelly’s Mini Golf

Pelly’s Mini Golf in Southern California, is the place where two golf courses offered with eighteen holes each. 

One of them is beloved underneath the name of Pelly’s Ocean Adventure with the styles together with sculptures of ocean animals like dolphins, sharks and whales.

Shoot For The Stars Mini Golf

The Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf course is located in Missouri. The whole golf course is designed based on the theme of celebrating Hollywood. Trust me! When visiting, you will find it visually so appealing and charming. However, the charm is not the only thing that this specific golf course has. It also offers some next level themed elements that gives it a edge to evolve.

Some of the landmarks tied into some of holes embrace the Hollywood Bowl and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The comedy concerned adds to the fun as few golf courses do have a story in motion for the theme. You get the simplest of each worlds with pure playing fun and therefore the Hollywood dream.

The Fringe

Talking about one of the underrated mini golf courses who actually offered some creative ideas to the experience and The Fringe, is one of them. The Fringe is located in Georgia.This mini golf course allows the lovers of golf, to putt over the establishment of eighteen holes all with a creative and unique design.

No matter what, this golf course will serve you both a joyful day of mini golfing along with a chance to visit the history of celebrating the area.

Around The World Miniature Golf

Did you know? Around The World Miniature Golf course, is one of the best themed mini golf courses in the United States. If you are planning to visit this course you will need to travel to Lake Georgia, an area of New York State.

This course includes some historical monuments of the United States and also surrounding the world. Around the World Miniature Golf course, provides an experience of fun mini putt sessions along with a feel of history.

Mini Golf At Big Cedar Lodge

Talking about Mini golf course and yet Missouri brought again another most coolest putt course. Big Cedar Lodge Golf course in Missouri, offers some of the most satisfying mini putt courses in the whole country of the United States. However, this course provides several set ups of having nine holes putt game experience. Though that is a nine hole course, believe me, you will feel much more relaxed than being so thrilled.

Big Cedar Lodge Mini Golf course is designed with beautiful visual setup and elements. And the mini golfing experience justifies it as a well deserved top tier golf course in the country. One of the best themes featured in this course is that the golfers are instructed to putt their ball into the big mouth of Bass fish.

Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

Believe it or not, Disney has a huge spread in the world of entertainment, and they connect with every brand that has a unique form of entertainment. Disney puts their contribution to get the maximum amount of attention from the traffic of all ages.

Winter Summerland Miniature Golf has given Disney a chance to enter into the world of mini Golf courses. Each of the hole of this course is designed based on a winter theme which includes props. This is the perfect putt course to bring out the child inside you and also made this course a perfect family vacation place. You must admit after your visit that, “Disney! You did a great job!”

 Conservation Course

You can find Conservation Course, located at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in the West Palm Beach area of Florida. So far we talked about some mini golf courses who are designed based on a fun theme but on the hand is implying a different method of approach to golfers.

They golf course does not have any wacky hole designs on any holes. However, the most interesting part about this putt course is the name of the holes this course has. Their names features the name of indigenous plants or animals in the Everglades National Park.

Walker Art Center Skyline Mini Golf

Walker Art Center Skyline Mini Golf course is one of the most impressive golf courses. It is located in Minnesota. You will surely enjoy the location that gives you a mind-blowing view of the downtown area and truly enjoy the experience of soaking in the fun in between putting on the ten different holes.

Walker Art Center Skyline Mini Golf has combined some unique ideas into their designs of ten holes. One of the sessions forces players to putt their ball behind a hot dog. If you are now in Minnesota, you must visit this place to have a fun day with your friends or family.

Hopefully, now you have some ideas about the mini golf courses near you in United States. All the courses will make your holidays full of fun. Learn more details from one of the most leading sites. Click to know more about The Travel.


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